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Mugshot Histories: Send in the Clowns

In the nineteenth and early twentieth century an interesting form of biography became popular called mugshot histories. Publishers advertised their book with grandiose titles in states or regions to people who could then purchase an entry for themselves. Along with … Continue reading

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Brooklyn: Expertly filling gaps in our historical memory

In capable hands fiction can be a powerful tool for learning about the past. It can help humanize the past, making it more real for viewers, it can touch upon themes and ideas that are sometimes bogged down in dizzying … Continue reading

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Iowa’s first execution: The shameful story of Peg-leg O’Conner

Originally posted on The Dustbin of History:
When the state of Iowa is mentioned most people think of rolling prairies, but the history of this part of the ‘American Heartland’ also has an Irish hue to it. In the nineteenth century many Irish…

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Is the UK on track for a Scottish Independence Referendum upset?

Or how England learned to stop worrying and love nationalism. Back in March 2013 when my friends and I heard that the Scottish and UK governments had agreed to hold a Scottish Independence Referendum they entirely dismissed the possibility of a close … Continue reading

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Where did the Irish in eastern Pennsylvania go? A trip through Heckscherville.

After a day of research in the Schuylkill County Historical Society I decided to drive to Hecksherville, a town in Schuykill county where large numbers of Irish arrived in the nineteenth century to work the mines. The road leaving Pottsville rose and fell … Continue reading

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Holding onto fond memories of coal

As I walked from the Albright memorial library towards the centre of Scranton I saw flashing police lights illuminate the dusk. Earlier town seemed busy with some sort of event that went completely by me as I focused on trawling through old newspapers … Continue reading

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The launch of the Irish Association of Professional Historians (IAPH).

Today marks the launch of the Irish Association of Professional Historians (IAPH). As they state on their website the organisation ‘seeks to raise the profile of our members, engaging with individuals and organisations both inside and outside the academy.’ All admirable goals. Any … Continue reading

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