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“THE CHINESE MUST GO. And so must neuralgia and rheumatism…”: Examples of Nineteenth Century Shock Advertising

In our modern age we need only look around us to see the huge role advertising plays in our society. We usually ignore it, having become inured to it thanks to its overwhelming presence in public spaces. In response, advertising … Continue reading

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Trumping a sense of decline. Guest appearance by Abraham Lincoln.

Malaise. Decline. Erosion. Much ink has been spilt over the question of whether the US, the EU, the West, the World is declining. Is decline, as in Gibbon’s famous title, always the predecessor to the fall? Is it at the … Continue reading

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Integrating Public History and Public Space – An example from Philadelphia

In my wanderings I sometimes come across interesting examples of how works of art, public murals, commemorative plaques educate the public in interesting ways. Usually these spaces contain a statue, or a brief description of the person, place or event … Continue reading

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Mugshot Histories: Send in the Clowns

In the nineteenth and early twentieth century an interesting form of biography became popular called mugshot histories. Publishers advertised their book with grandiose titles in states or regions to people who could then purchase an entry for themselves. Along with … Continue reading

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“The disparity in years between you”: A random letter about marriage from nineteenth century Philadelphia

Originally posted on The Dustbin of History:
In 15 years, she will be in the prime of life – and you will, most probably, be a feeble old man. While combing through collections in archives I often come across random…

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How the Irish view Irish-America

What exactly do we, the Irish, think of our American cousins, the Irish-Americans? Most of us usually encounter them in Ireland as they are bustled about from Blarney Castle, to the Dingle Peninsula and about the various heritage hotspots of … Continue reading

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